When browsing through catalogs, online stores, and shops for lingerie that could make your partner’s eyes pop, you may suddenly feel your self-confidence plummet? How are you going to choose lingerie that gives the best resemblance to the perfect hour-glass model showing you have seen on billboards and TV?

Well, do not stress about this; you are not alone! Lots of women all over the world feel the same way. The truth is, even if we went under the knife we would still have body hang-ups…but every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy!

So the question right now is what lingerie covers your body hang-ups and still gives that sexy, comfy feel. There are brands out there offering underwear that makes your bum look smaller and suck you in. But then, can anyone say that they feel good wearing a pair of control knickers and feeling like they have walked out of the set of Bridget Jones movie.

Not a fan of your tummy or hips?

The stomach and hips are perhaps the biggest concern for most women. You’ve got a muffin top down there or just feel like you are too big, or not well toned enough? Hey, don’t despair, as there is lingerie readily available out there which will cover up your muffin top, and still make you feel like a goddess. A superb baby doll set can be of huge help in this case – all you need is a baby doll, which accentuates the breasts and terminates at your hips with the loose flowing material over your tummy.

Are you struggling to find lingerie for small cups?

How will you look sexy in lingerie when you are an A-cup? This is a tricky one, as many of sexy lingerie around are made mostly for women with bigger breasts. Here it’s preferable to avoid baby dolls and chemises with a built-in cup. Alternatively, search for the styles made with just fabric. Size ranges of small-medium etc , since this will typically be too large on the cup.

Select lingerie that draws attention away from the breasts is a good idea, for instance, teddies with patterns in the stomach region. It’s been mentioned severally by Gok Wan telling women to wear clothing that draws attention away from the body parts we do not want to be revealed and to accentuate the parts we do; this is where lingerie comes in.

Not a admirer of your thighs?

Thunder thighs are not your enemy- be proud of your curves. Should you not like your thighs to show, try out a chemise that ends halfway down your thighs, and with fabric that is free from the hips down. Be aware. Chemises come in various designs to flaunt what you have while concealing your thighs.

Fantasizing of an hourglass figure?

If your waist in non-existent, try out a corset. There are many types also, select one that terminates just below your hips to keep your muffin top from being visible. More than anything, all corsets will suck in your waist to give you the curves you so much desire.

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