There’s a reason that sexy thongs get more sought after by the day. Thongs are adored for their ability to prevent the “VPL,” or visible panty line.

Would you believe that sexy thongs actually have their history in tribal attire worn by the people of Southern Africa some 86,000 years ago? This is factual! The sexy thong is a relatively prevailing trend in lingerie. However, it is believed to be one of the earliest types of clothing made by humankind! Would you like another interesting tidbit? Our favorite women’s thong was,in those days, made for men.

Thongs and g-strings are not merely a style of panties. These are also two kinds of swimsuits. The thong and g-string bikini owe their massive recognition, to some extent, to the string bikini. The string bikini paved the way for the ultra sexy bikinis that were made subsequently. String bikinis are a skimpier, much more revealing version of traditional bikinis. The thong bikini then refined along and blended a string bikini top with a thong bottom. Swimsuits haven’t been the same from that point till date!

Thongs and g-strings are indeed not the same. A g-string is a more risqué type of the women’s thong. A g-string has got significantly less fabric in the backside. As the name suggests, it mirrors a string. There are basically two versions of both the thong and the g-string: the T-string and the V-string. It primarily varies according to which letter the piece of materials in the backside most shapes like the most.

When talking about seductive panties, does it sincerely get any sexier than the thong? Lots of people would agree thongs and g-strings are top of sexy panty galaxy. They are quite a tease as they definitely reveal a lot to be desired, and also leave a bit to imagination.

Thongs and g-strings look fantastic when blended with just about any form of lingerie. Bustiers, chemises, camisoles, babydolls – they typically feature a complementing thong or g-string.

As previously mentioned, a sexy thong can also be a functional undergarment. The dreadful VPL rears its ugly head once you put on briefs with tight pants or a snug-fitting skirt. Even if briefs are your choice of daily wear, a stockpile of thongs should be at your disposal. Almost going panty-free, thongs are our certain line of safety against the VPL enemy.

Furthermore, plenty of thongs are low-rise. Low-rise pants continue being very popular and well accepted by all. They also demand low-rise panties except you want passers-by to chant, “I see heaven, I see heaven . . .”

Sexy thongs are quite available and affordable. Suitable for any woman’s lingerie budget. One can find a beautiful thong for about $5. There are even more high-end thongs, made out of quality fabrics with exotic details. It is easy to find a thong or g-string that suits your taste. You could get them in silk, satin, or even see-through textiles. A trendy style is a women’s thong that appears like a lacy butterfly in the front.

Trust me, your lingerie collection is just not complete without a thong, quite frankly, without many thongs. Get some which are sizzling hot and some that are cotton and comfortable.

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